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Why Choose Digital Joes?
Since 2007, Digital Joes has been one of the most sought after and respected DJ companies in West Michigan. Whether a wedding reception, large corporate event, non-profit fundraiser or even a small private affair, Digital Joes has the experience, knowledge and creativity to make your event one that everyone will be talking about.

Digital Joes owners takes great pride in the reputation of the company that was founded over 10 years ago. The DJs have many years of experience in the DJ industry and have mastered the art of reading the dance floor and entertaining the crowd. From hosting your wedding reception, to providing background music for a networking event, creating a hip-hop club vibe, going retro to the roaring 20s or anything else in between. Over the years, we've done just about any type of event you can think of.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the 'cool' club DJs and the 'cheesy' wedding DJs without sacrificing the professionalism you require from any of your vendors. We work hard to get people on the dance floor and keep them there all night long.

Give us a call at 231.683.5896 and let us help you create exactly the event you want.
  1. The Music
    Digital Joes prides itself on playing the music that you and your guests want to hear. Our library of music consists of thousands of songs from all genres and time periods. The DJs have an extensive knowledge of all forms of music and we will work with you beforehand to understand what styles of music are a must and which styles you’d like to stay away from. Digital Joes also plays mostly edited music and will play only edited music upon request.
  2. The Equipment
    With a premium lighting package that you've got to see, our name--"Digital Joes"--isn't just a random name. Our LED lights make for an exciting and ever-moving dance floor far beyond what other DJs are able to offer. Our sound equipment is also second to none, with the best speakers and music controllers available. The system is loud enough to fill the largest ballrooms in West Michigan with amazing sound while crystal clear enough to be used in even the most intimate settings.
  3. The Reputation
    Check out our reviews on Google, Wedding Wire and here on our website. We are proud of being one of the most sought after and respected DJ companies around. The reviews we get from our customers are a reflection of the dedication we have to making your event the best it can possibly be! With Digital Joes, your party just got better!
Make your event one everyone will remember
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